About Us

As a mother of three girls, wash day was always a struggle in my house. Lots of stress, anxiety, and you guessed it TEARS! After countless hours of discomfort and tears, our Luxury Shampoo Pillow was designed with my kids and yours in mind. A lot of research from the type of mat to the protective coating went into the design of this product. Our Luxury Shampoo Pillow was ergonomically designed for both the child and the person washing the hair. Our built in neck roll allows the child to comfortably relax and rest their neck while their spine maintains proper alignment. Additionally, our mat was designed with high quality memory foam that hugs and contours to the child's body while protecting their back from the hard surface of the sink countertop.

Hair Jikoo

Jikoo is an African word that means to bond or to connect. Hair has always been a focal point in African American homes. Whether you are getting hair pressed for Easter Sunday or going to the hairdresser with your mother waiting for what feels like days to get your hair styled. Hair has always been a pivotal way in which we connect. It’s our bonding time and I deem it to be sacred. Memories of getting your hair done by your mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend becomes the foundation for how we feel about ourselves. In most cases, it’s the time where you are affirmed and told how beautiful you are. Your hair experience can shape the way you view your hair and yourself. My mission is to shift how our girls experience wash day so that they can embrace these special moments and begin to develop a love for taking care of their hair. Hair Jikoo was born as a way to turn uncomfortable moments into pleasant memories.

Meet the Fam!


The Number one Girl DAD on our list! Jack is a licensed Physical Therapist, who is also certified in Manual therapy. He spent countless hours working with us to get the design of our Luxury Shampoo Pillow perfect.

The Ellis Girls!

Our three beautiful girls (Jaela, Jillian, and Jordan) were such troopers as we went through many designs to make sure the Luxury Shampoo Pillow was comfortable. They were the best quality testers ever, and the cutest, in my opinion.


As the founder and Certified Project Manager, my ultimate goal was to design a product that would reduce the amount of stress and anxiety around wash day. I know this was a major issue in most homes, and I'm happy that we were able to offer a solution that helps.