No Stress Wash Day Routine

Do you feel anxious as wash day approaches? We can relate -  the wash day struggle is very real! The process can take up to several hours and, in some cases, more than a day. We’ve got some good news that can make wash day easier, less stressful, and even change your tresses for the better. Here are some tips to help you conquer wash day: 

  • Prepare for it: One of the common reasons most people get stressed on wash day is that they don’t prepare well for it. A great way to prepare is to assemble all the products you need, so you don’t have to run in and out to get them.  If you plan to do a pre-poo, make sure you mix and prepare everything and have it applied to before you begin the hair washing process. 
  • Section your hair: The next thing to do is to detangle your hair into 4-5 sections using clips, a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. This makes it possible to avoid tangling as well as get your hair squeaky clean. If you have done a pre-poo treatment, make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out. 
  • Commence washing: Because curls thrive on the natural oils in your hair, we advise that you avoid shampoos made with sulfate. And to avoid matting, your hair should be wet before applying gentle shampoo. Apply a small amount of suds to work their way down the length of your hair and then start washing your hair section by section and be sure to give plenty of attention to your scalp by carefully massaging it to remove dirt, oil, and residue. 
  • Deep condition: Next, apply the deep conditioning product by squeezing some of into your hands and applying it to your hair. Pay attention to the tips as they tend to get drier than the rest of your hair. It is generally recommended to wait 10-30 minutes to allow the product to get to the core of each strand of your hair and that you add a plastic bag to your hair for extra softness, elasticity, and moisture before you proceed. Some deep conditioners require heat, so check the instructions to confirm this. 
  • Rinse: Finally, remove the plastic bag and rinse from root to end with cool water until you’re sure your hair is thoroughly rinsed. After rinsing, towel your hair and use a blow dryer to dry it completely. Your hair should now be soft, bouncy, and glossy. 


While we understand that you really want to get done with the hair wash, it’s a good idea to take your time and give your hair some TLC. You will be glad you did in the end!


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